Terms & Conditions


Deposit amounts may vary and will be deducted from the final cost of the entire job.

We may charge a ‘booking fee’ to reserve your servicing appointment, this is non-refundable if you fail to turn up on the day specified. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to appointment will result in forfeit of deposit.

Deposit amounts for bespoke work and custom builds will be agreed on estimate, and will be non-refundable once the work detailed has commenced.

Work Undertaken

We will undertake the work specified in the service/job description, within the stipulations of the client – unless considered unsafe to do so.

If on inspection we deem there to be necessary further work required we will advise you and provide a cost estimate, and only proceed once we have your express permission. 

Should we consider your bicycle unsafe to ride, and do not have your permission to rectify it, we will require a waiver document to be signed prior to releasing your bike.

All parts used are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

Invoice Payments

The balance of work carried out will be invoiced once the job is completed, and payment in full is required before releasing your bicycle.

Helmwind Cycles will accept payments online, at the workshop in cash or by card, or by bank transfer. We do not accept cheques, and are not able to process card payments using American Express.

Helmwind Cycles and Covid-19

As a provider of bicycle repairs we are considered an ‘essential service’ within the scope of restrictions applied in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and as such can continue to remain open for business. This is because the general public are encouraged to exercise daily (within safety guidelines) and cycling is promoted as such an activity.

We have completed a risk assessment of the workshop and associated facilities.  This details the risks we recognise may exist and detail the control measures we take.  We encourage both customers and staff to undertake their own assessment of their individual circumstances.  The more risk adverse you are the greater the precautions you should take and the more self-contained you should become. The following points below should be considered

  • Wearing of masks or face shields is not compulsory however you are free to do so if you wish, please supply your own – although we do have disposable masks available should you need one.
  • We have hand sanitising solution readily available on our premises, and  we also have hand washing facilities with soap and hot water should they be required. Paper towels are to be used for hand drying.

The normal ‘all area access’ policy has been suspended. The repair workshop and store racking is now out of bounds to clients, and we ask you to remain strictly within the reception desk area..

If a positive infection is identified within our premises government guidance will be followed regarding isolation procedures.