Below are a selection of the bicycle services we provide. The list is for information only, please use the 'book now, button to book your service - where a small booking fee will be charged and then later deducted from your final bill.

E-Bike Service

E-bike Service £65
This is a full and comprehensive service of your E-bike including a software update/report if applicable

Bike Service

Full Service £120
This is a full and comprehensive strip down of your bike to clean and degrease. Your whole bike will receive a complete makeover and will ride as new.  Where necessary and with your permission, we will fit any replacement parts needed
Standard Service £72
Treat your bike to a thorough check over.  We will semi strip your bike to thoroughly degrease the moving parts.  We will work through your entire bike to check and adjust the tension and settings.  Where necessary and with your permission, we will fit replacement parts needed
Check & Tune £36
We will work through your bike and adjust the tension in your gears and brakes, provide a basic wheel true and advise you of any further work that may be required
Build to Order £36/hr + Parts
We can build bikes to order and to individual requirements.  From sourcing frames plus all the ancillary parts, whether for a commuter bike to a full on TT/Triathlon bike.  We consult with you to determine your requirements, do our research and provide a quote, it’s then up to you.  Quotes cost £50 which is then taken off the end cost of your bike should you ask us to build it.
Collect & Delivery
We can collect and deliver back to you in the Eden Valley, across Cumbria, and in the North East - call us to arrange.


Gear Tune £18
Adjust the cable tension, set the limit screws on both front and rear derailleurs, index and check with a test ride
Gear Service £18-£36
As above but including replacing cables (at extra cost), lubrication and correction of any mechanical fault
Fit New Chain £18
Remove old, fit new (at extra cost) and check links.  Prove gear function with a test ride
Fit cassette/Freewheel £18
Remove old, fit new (at extra cost) and set gears.  Check transmission function with a test ride If degreasing is required, there will be an additional charge of £5
Repair Bottom Bracket £40
Remove old parts and service or refit new (at extra cost) including frame tapping, facing of shell
Repair Headset £36
Remove old parts and service or fit new (at extra cost) including reaming and facing


Brake Tune £18
Adjust the blocks, callipers and cables
Brake Service £36
As tune plus new cables (at extra cost) and correction of faults
Fit New Pads/Blocks £18
As Tune plus replace pads or blocks (at extra cost)
Hydraulic Brake Service £36
Remove parts at risk of contamination, brakes are bled according to manufacturers’ instructions.  Pads and discs are inspected for wear and advice is given as necessary


Fit Suspension Fork £36
Fit forks including removal of crown races and head tube face and ream
Service Suspension Fork £72
Service on all in store serviceable forks.  Where forks aren’t in store serviceable, please see Send Away Fork Service.  Where it is more economical to replace the forks, this will be discussed at the time of receipt of the bike.
Send Away Fork Service £95+
To remain economically viable, a number of more advanced forks are sent away for specialised repair. Please ask for details


Puncture Repair £15
Includes new standard priced inner tube
General Wheel True £18
Wheel on the bike, will be trued to run through the brakes
Precision Wheel True £36
Using our jig, we will true out flat spots and buckles.  The wheel will be set to the correct tension.  Should the wheel be too damaged for repair, we will advise as to the best option
Hub Service £18-£36
Rebuild existing wheel with new hub (at extra cost) and grease
Wheel Building £35
Our Bike-Inn trained wheel builder will advise on spoke tensions, patterns, rims and hubs to ensure the best combination of parts for the use of the wheel being constructed
Tubular Tyre Fitting £35/Tyre
Various ways to mount tubular tyres, down to the client preference, includes glue and tape

Looking For Bike Fit?

Bike Fit is an essential element in honing performance for the avid amateur and competitive cyclist. We offer a full, professional Bike Fit service through our partner business The Bike Inn - to find out more click here.