Our Team

Our Pedigree

Here at Helmwind Cycles we pride ourselves on our professionalism - we have highly qualified staff, a superbly fitted out workshop, and use only the best tools, parts and consumables.

Each member of staff has attained their IMI Bicycle Mechanics qualification at the renowned Bike Inn training school - our sister company, and co-habitee here in Appleby.

Jon Colborne


Jon founded Helmwind Cycles back in 2008, and it has since become a mainstay of the local cycling community.

He originally trained at the Bike Inn when it was located in Spalding, Lincolnshire - and when owners Alf and Theresa Webb retired in 2018 he took over the business and relocated it to it's current home in Cumbria.

Jon is known and revered for being a 'master' wheel builder; and loves nothing more than the accuracy and precision required for ensuring every part of every bicycle is performing at optimal efficiency.

Away from work Jon is an avid foodie, and can whip up a mean dinner with little more than his trusty wood fired stove, and some locally sourced ingredients.

David Morton


David is a born-and-bred North East man, with an eclectic career behind him before he retrained at the Bike Inn.

Always an avid cyclist, and with experience in the education sector, David was an obvious choice for presenting courses when the Bike Inn relocated north, and he joined the Helmwind team at that time too.

He commutes weekly from his family home in Co. Durham, and runs our pick-up-and-drop-off service for the eastern side of the North Pennines.

David has travelled extensively, and also owns a small property in Spain where he undertakes performance coaching for cycle athletes for short periods over the winter months.

Martin Foreman


Martin graduated from the Bike Inn a number of years ago, and has returned regularly to help out in both the school and the workshop - until the summer of 2020 when he finally accepted a permanent contract here with us.

Being an ex Royal Air Force engineer he is a highly skilled diagnostician, and with an exceptional eye for detail and an 'I'm not stopping 'til I've fixed this' attitude he has quickly become a key member of the team. Martin also has the accolade of being the GB Age Group Triathlon Team bicycle mechanic, travelling across Europe and beyond supporting our athletes as they compete internationally.

Martin is currently undertaking a rigorous training regime, in preparation for taking on the infamously gruelling Race Across America event in 2023.

Henrietta Colborne (and Maddy)


Henrietta is most definitely her father's daughter - and the apple has not fallen far from the tree! Known affectionately as simply 'H' she is a Bike Inn graduate, and the driving force in the workshop when it comes to get things organised.

H splits her time between Cumbria and mainland Europe, where she trains and competes at UCI level for the Dutch based GT Krush TUNAP women’s pro cycling team.

When in Cumbria, H is almost always accompanied by her 'partner in crime' Maddy - who has rapidly become a permanent and much loved member of the Helmwind team - even having her own fan page on Instagram as Mardy.Maddy